Ostrich and Camel Racing

The New Orleans Fair Grounds  “ostrich-sized”

Yesterday, the Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots had ostrich and camel racing. That’s right, ostrich and camel racing! Even with all the rain, this was something I was not going to miss. What made this even more intriguing for me, was the fact a local weatherman for WGNO News, Hank Allen, had agreed to ride a camel in a race. Three other local celebrities that I am not familiar with also agreed to mount a camel for the race. The ostriches were ridden by professional  jockeys. There was no wagering on the ostrich and camel races.

It was not all ostriches and camels, there were also quarter horse racing. In addition, they had mascot racing which was moved  to the paddock. I did not see this race, because I was under the overhang trying to keep my camera equipment dry.

It was a nice crowd, lots of families with young children. The kids didn’t seem to mind the rain at all. Most of the time there was a steady rain to heavy drizzle, but no thunder or lighting. Fortunately, it stop raining during both the ostrich and camel races.

I was a bit disappointed during the camel races. I was at the finish line shooting down the track and the crowd keep leaning in front of my camera. I was unable to capture Hank Allen getting thrown off the camel. However, checking on nola.com, I see the Times Picayune photographer did capture it in a sequence of shots. Of course, he does get special access to the track. There is also a YouTube video of the race.  Hank only made it about half way before being thrown. Looked like he took a pretty good fall. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow morning, I’m sure his co-host Jocelyn Lockwood will have have a good time with this.


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