N’awlins Street Performers

Trumpet PlayerThe Rhythm of the Streets

A Photographic Series


A stroll through the New Orleans French Quarter is like taking a walk back in time with a splash of the present. As you explore the Quarter, surrounded by the old French and Spanish architecture, you will be treated to a wide range of talented street performers, and if you are lucky, you may even come across a jazz wedding procession.

No matter what age, you are sure to find something that will capture your attention. From the bizarre and unusual, to the jaw dropping amazing and thrilling, or a musical beat that will have you dancing in the streets. There is truly something for everyone.

If you are visiting New Orleans for the first time, you may want to start your day at the Cafe’ Du Monde. As you enjoy a cup of coffee & chicory with order of beignets in the open air cafe’, you will be entertained by a street musician.
Next stop is just a hop skip and jump, to the Washington Artillery Park, which is directly across the street from Jackson Square and right next to the Cafe’ Du Monde. There you can usually catch a performance. You should check back often because there are different performers throughout the day. The performers perform for tips, many are very entertaining and professional and draw a large audience.  It should be noted that these performances are less frequent during the peak of summer.

Now it’s time to take a trip around Jackson Square. Performers are not allowed inside the Square but there are plenty around it. Here you will find; street magic (which is very popular with kids and adults), character actors, artist and other things I just don’t have a name for.

As you make your way to the Cathedral, you will must likely begin to here the horns and the beat of the drums from a jazz band. From this point, and one block over to Royal Street, is where you will find the best musical talent on the street. This is part of going to the Quarter I enjoy the most.

Royal Street has the most street musicians, and some of the best. On certain days and times a stretch of the Royal Street will be blocked from traffic just for the performers. If you are coming from the Jackson Square I recommend you use St. Peters St. to get to Royal. This is the street to left of the Cathedral.

The performers play for tips and many sell CDs of their music. The  music genre can be anything from jazz, blues, foot stumping bluegrass, swing, or a sound that is reminiscent of a speakeasy. Many of the performers dress from an era gone by.

This is the first in a series on street performers.

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